It’s Not Charlotte


What is your favorite thing about Lancaster?

Friends and family?


The prime rib at Charley’s Cafe?

Or is it simply the small town way of life that we all enjoy?

No matter the answer, everyone in this area chooses to live here. We complain about the roads, not having Cook Out, and lack of shopping options – but year after year we continue to stay and raise our families here.

This was the idea behind our chalkboard. Last week, in about 2 days time, we created a chalkboard we can take to community events for people to write something they like about Lancaster.

Creating the chalkboard was a messy process at best. We tried to get an 8’x 10′ piece of plywood into a mustang, which was rated top 10 in the craziest things ever seen at Home Depot by an employee. We managed to get paint all over our arms and legs, but somehow didn’t track it all over the yard.

At Finally Friday we unveiled the chalkboard and got a lot of good feedback, including the phrases listed at the top of this post.

The choice to stay doesn’t only apply to Lancaster, or even just to Lancaster County. The choice to live in a small town applies to every person in our giving area, as well as every small town resident across the country.

We now hope to create a board for each community in our giving area. So keep your eyes and ears open, because a chalkboard may soon be coming to you.