Apply to be a Simtern Today!



This summer, I was fortunate enough to be a part of the inaugural class of summer interns at the J. Marion Sims Foundation. This experience not only gave me valuable professional opportunities, but more importantly, I was able to give back to my hometown of Great Falls in addition to the town of Fort Lawn and the communities in Lancaster County.

Although I was the oldest intern of the group, being the “old lady” at the age of 21, I learned so much about teamwork and the real meaning behind collaborative engagement both internally at the Foundation and within the footprint in which we served. Through organized projects, refined research points, and opportunities to build community partnerships and networks.

Over the summer, I helped to orchestrate the Give Local Lancaster community luncheon with 36 area non-profit organizations.  I also had the chance to write news releases, conduct interviews, and facilitate focus groups centered on the youth in our community.  These opportunities were a challenge and a great way to get the real world experience I desperately wanted and needed to continue my growth as a professional young woman.

Honestly, I initially saw this as a chance to stay at home that summer and earn a little money. When I started my internship at the J. Marion Sims Foundation, I expected to learn about philanthropy, the surrounding communities and maybe a little bit about the non-profit sector. I had no idea that my mind, heart and soul would grow too. That summer, I met some of the greatest and most inspiring people that have made me a more intentional thinker, compassionate doer, and just a better person over all.  These local colleagues, professionals and friends are true assets to this area and if I had not applied for this internship, I would have missed out on one awesome summer.

The J. Marion Sims Foundation has just released the application for the 2017 Intern Class.   Please encourage anyone you know who is eligible to apply.  Being a Simtern has been one of my greatest and proudest accomplishments. I look forward to see how this class of interns will be a catalyst for more positive change within our community.

–  Elizabeth Howe